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Native languages

  • 41.6%Trukese

  • 23.8%Pohnpei

  • 7.6%Mortlock

  • 7.3%Kosrean

  • 5.8%Yap

Safety : good

Crime is generally under control, it is recommended to remain cautious and avoid unnecessary risks.

Hygiene : passable

The healthcare is sufficient, but it is not always adequately equipped to provide extensive care.


illustration of lgbt


Although homosexuality is illegal, the law is not really enforced. Explicit homosexual behavior is strongly frowned upon and can lead to verbal or physical assault.

illustration of car


Locals drive on the right, but many cars are imported from Japan with the steering wheel on the right, which makes driving more difficult. Outside the city center there are no lights on the roads and it is therefore advisable to drive only during the day. The speed on the islands is limited to 50 kms / hour.

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