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Native languages

  • 35.8%Fang

  • 17.1%Punu-sira-nzebi

  • 14.6%Mpongwe

  • 13.8%Mbete

Safety : unsafe

The country is socially disordered, there are problems with gangs, militias and violent protests. The police can be corrupt. It is strongly advised not to travel there alone.

Hygiene : bad

The healthcare is inefficient. The sanitary situation is worrying, you can easily get sick or be infected with a parasite.


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Initiations rites

Several incidents, which can in some rare cases lead to death by absorption of hallucinogens with a neurotoxic effect (taken from the Iboaga shrub), have occurred during "initiation" stages in local rites, which must therefore be avoided.

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Urban delinquency has increased in recent years, especially in Libreville and Port-Gentil.

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David Vo - 23 July 2021

I do confirm the information given about this country

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