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Marshall Islands


Native languages

  • 96.8%Marshallese

Safety : passable

The country knows an average crime, it is necessary to remain cautious and to avoid showing signs of wealth or to walk in precarious districts. The police can be corrupt.

Hygiene : bad

The healthcare is inefficient. The sanitary situation is worrying, you can easily get sick or be infected with a parasite.


illustration of police


You should be aware that the capacity of the police or emergency services is insufficient and emergency numbers will usually not answer.

illustration of crime


Burglaries (including in hotel rooms), and street crime are frequent. However, more violent crimes remain rare.

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There is only one paved road on Majuro Atoll. There are no signs or traffic lights and you will be sharing the road with pedestrians and pets, but also with children who suddenly appear. There is almost no street lighting and it is recommended that you only ride during the day. Traffic speed is limited to 30 km h.

illustration of health

Healthcare facilities

There is only one hospital in Majuro and he is poorly equiped. Consider bringing your own pharmacy.

illustration of beliefs


The island has conservative mores, women must wear a skirt or dress that covers the knees. Wearing jeans by a woman is considered provocative and can lead to aggressive behavior.

illustration of lgbt


Although homosexuality is illegal, the law is not really enforced. Explicit homosexual behavior is strongly frowned upon and can lead to verbal or physical assault.

illustration of default


It is advisable to bring enough cash, only large hotels accept credit cards.

illustration of document

Yellow fever

Passengers arriving from an area infected with yellow fever must present an international certificate of vaccination.

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