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Native languages

  • 82.2%Palau

  • 9.2%Philippene Languages

Safety : passable

The country knows an average crime, it is necessary to remain cautious and to avoid showing signs of wealth or to walk in precarious districts. The police can be corrupt.

Hygiene : passable

The healthcare is sufficient, but it is not always adequately equipped to provide extensive care.


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Scuba diving

Watch out for the presence of unexploded munitions and mines from world war 2 in territorial waters, especially in Peleliu and Angaur.

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Also be careful in the mangroves. The presence of marine crocodiles is not always marked with warning signs.

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The entry fees to the territory amount to $ 70.

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Tap Water

Tap water in Koror and in the resorts is perfectly drinkable. In other places, it is advisable to ask locally if it is safe to drink and / or to drink only bottled water.

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Dengue fever

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes, mostly during the rainy season. Symptoms are high fever, muscle and joint pain, and rash. No vaccine exists. This disease is dangerous and sometimes fatal, it is important to seek immediate medical attention as soon as you notice the first symptoms. It is also advisable to protect yourself against mosquitoes, by using mosquito repellent, sleeping under a mosquito net and wearing long clothes.

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