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El Salvador

North America

Native languages

  • 100.0%Spanish

Safety : dangerous

The country is at war and / or the humanitarian situation in the country is chaotic, crime is out of control. Traveling there is totally inadvisable.

Hygiene : passable

The healthcare is sufficient, but it is not always adequately equipped to provide extensive care.


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Do not oppose any resistance in the event of an attack because the aggressors do not hesitate to use their weapons. Never look criminals in the eye, always have some cash with you in an easily accessible pocket so you can give it to them quickly. Do not walk in the streets at night.

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Preferably carry your identity documents with you (inside pocket or pocket) and not in a small bag or backpack that can be easily stolen or torn off.

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Be careful when swimming on the Pacific coast, given the strong underwater currents.

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If you are hiring a car, it is recommended that you drive during the day only and travel into the countryside in a convoy. It is best to lock the doors and keep the windows closed while driving, both in town and in the countryside.

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Avoid public transportation and randoms taxis in the streets.

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Rainy season

The rainy season runs from May to November. It is characterized by heavy rains which can cause significant flooding as well as heavy storms and sometimes devastating hurricanes.

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