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United States of America

North America

Native languages

  • 86.2%English

  • 7.5%Spanish

Safety : good

Crime is generally under control, it is recommended to remain cautious and avoid unnecessary risks.

Hygiene : good

The healthcare is functioning quite well, however some areas may be affected by sanitary problems.


illustration of health

Medical care

The American medical structure is of an excellent standard, but its use can be extremely expensive. Even in an emergency, the hospital may ask you to offer bank guarantees. Therefore, you are advised to take out additional and specific insurance for the United States. If you are taking prescription drugs, prescriptions from a foreign doctor will not be accepted.

illustration of drug

Recreative drugs

The use of non-prescribed narcotic substances is strictly prohibited, and the penalties for drug use are extremely severe in some states.

illustration of police

Border control

Federal officers have the right to examine and keep laptops and other electronic information media (hard drives, ipods, memory sticks, mobile phones, audio and video cassettes) for an indefinite period when entering the territory.

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