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Native languages

  • 56.6%Bislama

  • 28.3%English

  • 14.2%French

Safety : excellent

The country has a low crime rate, it is possible to visit it in peace. You should check with local guides on potential trouble.

Hygiene : passable

The healthcare is sufficient, but it is not always adequately equipped to provide extensive care.


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In Vanuatu, there is a significant risk of malaria. It is advisable to sleep under a mosquito net, to use mosquito repellants containing DEET and to take a prophylactic product for short stays. Depending on your general condition, your doctor will advise you on the most suitable type of treatment.

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Traveler's diarrhea

Measures to prevent traveller's diarrhea, frequent hand washing and disinfection of drinking water are essential. In the treatment of diarrhea, it is essential to prevent and treat dehydration with solutions available in pharmacies.

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Tap Water

Water is safe to drink in Port Vila and Luganville. However, avoid drinking tap water, prefer water in a sealed bottle.

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Do not buy reef fish in local markets as they may be contaminated with ciguatera (also called "scratch").

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Homosexuality is illegal and can result in a heavy prison sentence

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